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Service Excellence/Delivery

“Customers, we are here for you” – really?

The stated customer service value proposition in much advertising and branding endeavours differs from company to company, but fundamentally attempts to suggest to the prospective or current customer that “we are here for you”. We will do things smarter, better,… Continue Reading →

A diet of customer-centric values produces an appetite for extraordinary customer service

A friend of mine had the unfortunate experience of having a heart attack. He told me that it was like having an elephant sitting on his chest – the pain, the helplessness, the debilitation. Upon recovery, the doctor who had… Continue Reading →

The principle of trust reciprocity triumphs over bureaucracy

I sometimes get frustrated by poor customer service – no, I get frustrated all the time when it is bad, especially when I am treated with disdain. In situations like the aforementioned, I attempt to keep my cool and offer… Continue Reading →

Standing out from the competition by showing customers that you care

The gesture of showing appreciation seems to be a lost art. A simple “thank you” may go some way to add warmth to any relationship, but in reality just represents common courtesy. Authentically-demonstrated appreciation, however, develops the emotional connection in… Continue Reading →

Connect emotionally with your clients

Having to travel frequently for my consulting and workshop facilitation activities and having to subsequently endure the sometimes arduous processes within international airports (transfer, check-in, security, customs and immigration), especially within Africa, I have found that my primary goal in… Continue Reading →

Building a trustworthy brand

Brand reputation and corresponding trust are critical for the ongoing growth and sustainable development of a company. Ram Charan, author of What the CEO wants you to know, noted: “Without customer’s trust, the rest doesn’t matter”. In fact, Hank Paulson,… Continue Reading →

Exercising a disciplined “stop-doing” list

“To Do” lists are created as helpful reminders of what needs to be done, the stuff that is still outstanding and the activities that need our attention. They find their way on to refrigerator doors, pieces of paper that clutter… Continue Reading →

Leveraging value-added service to gain client rapport

As a frequent traveller, visiting different countries, staying in many different hotels and eating in many different restaurants, I occasionally get spoilt with fine service or product offerings that “blow me away” and leave me smiling: A warm wet towel… Continue Reading →

Developing a high performance culture

During the past year or so, I have been working with a number of companies on enhancing performance, and subsequently results, through refocusing these business entities on employee engagement and quality leadership processes. Creativity and strategic thinking has not just… Continue Reading →

Creating a culture of customer care

Having family and friends around over New Year is always special, giving one a chance to catch up with the progress of each other’s lives. We currently have friends from Huntsville, Texas, staying with us for a month. Huntsville is a… Continue Reading →

All staff should be sales people

I do a considerable amount of travelling within Africa and sometimes get the opportunity of working in North and West Africa – an area hosting millions of people, all creating a vibrant mix of energy and opportunity for those who… Continue Reading →

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