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Using your super-hero “unique powers” to contribute

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance” (Bruce Barton) Most kids imagine becoming “super-heroes” – becoming invincible, being able to conquer evil, having the wit, wisdom… Continue Reading →

Developing your personal brand

During a family Sunday lunch, we ended up reminiscing about when we were children – little children. My mother likes to tell the story of me being a toddler, sitting strapped into my seat on the back seat of the… Continue Reading →

Hiring for leadership uniqueness

Trends change over time. This is not only true of fashion and cultural preferences, but also, and of particular note, the way we do business and hire people to fulfil their respective roles within the work context. Previously, one’s Curriculum… Continue Reading →

Achieving breakthrough is a cumulative process

I took my grandchildren to the park yesterday – a shaded playground, well-appointed with an appropriate slide, jungle-gym, see-saw, swings and the favourite merry-go-round or “round-about”. All of the activities represent one or another challenge for little ones – the… Continue Reading →

Beyond “mastery”, come uniqueness, innovation and customisation

So, you have worked hard at developing your career – all your needed studies are complete, you have gained experience in your field and your expertise has set you up as a trusted practitioner. You are respected and your job… Continue Reading →

Intentionally growing your life

Augustine “Og” Mandino was born in 1923, was once the editor of his high school newspaper and planned to attend the University of Missouri’s journalism school. Unfortunately, before he was able to enrol and enter college, his mother died of… Continue Reading →

Restoring your inner sense of purpose

I love stories and especially mythology. Myths may be seen as a compilation of well-chosen, but contrived characters, weaved into a story to tell of a foundational and even an eternal truth. The phrase “mythic reality” sounds at first like… Continue Reading →

Great gifts to give …. always

I love December – the weather is warming up in the southern hemisphere; the year with all its hard work, problems and joys is winding down; family, wherever located, take on fresh significance; and secretly-held hopes and dreams for a… Continue Reading →

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