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Remember that many ‘shallow’ brands also find their way to the first page of Google search results

The eternal quest to get to the first page of Google search results is perhaps important for optimising exposure, but potentially deceiving in terms of real value being offered. I did a short experiment with some simple searches – like… Continue Reading →

Taking a firm stance without treading on people’s toes

Safety boots, essential footwear for certain production and manufacturing environments, are typically designed to protect employees’ toes and feet in the event of an unfortunate accident. I call this a defensive strategy – being protected if something bad should happen…. Continue Reading →

Straight from the horse’s mouth

“Straight from the horse’s mouth” is an expression commonly used to imply that supplied information is credible, trustworthy and reliable. It is, in other words, considered to be the truth. In essence, this means that the information was obtained first-hand,… Continue Reading →

Growing emotional intelligence to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others

“Winnie-the-Pooh,” as he was originally called, first appeared in a story written in 1926 by A.A. Milne, who based the characters on his young son, Christopher Robin, and the boy’s stuffed animals. The original toy bear was named after Winnie… Continue Reading →

Dispelling suspicion through leadership trustworthiness

We don’t know who to trust anymore! Many political and some business leaders keep letting us down. In fact, they deliberately manipulate circumstances (tenders, the system, etc.) to suit their own selfish desires. Money that should have been directed to… Continue Reading →

Improving self-esteem – creating probability for success

“Self-esteem is not a substitute for a roof over one’s head or food in one’s stomach, but it increases the likelihood that one will find a way to meet such needs”  (Dr Nathaniel Brandon) I love either watching my grandchildren… Continue Reading →

Managers – don’t manipulate, but rather influence

You hear it so often – stories of distraught employees who have had enough. Struggling with disempowerment and the emotional stress that goes with manipulating managers, these employees want to throw in the towel and find a “better place in… Continue Reading →

Reputation in the midst of digital lies

Whether you are a big corporation, an SME or an entrepreneurial start-up, having the right tools to keep you connected to your business and your clients can make all the difference. This does not only involve data security, accounting and… Continue Reading →

Dealing positively with power derived from position

So, you’ve been appointed to a management position – well done! This is an opportunity for you to express yourself, use your initiative, contribute something worthwhile and exercise your leadership ability. Clearly, senior leadership have recognised your character traits and… Continue Reading →

Learning from a legendary leader – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

One of the greatest statesmen who ever lived, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, passed away last week at the grand age of 95 years, many of them extremely meaningful ones. This “Father of the South African nation” was a guiding light that… Continue Reading →

A leadership character that should exist rather than skin-deep beauty

A beautiful evergreen tree graces the area outside my bedroom window – commonly called “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow”, the endemic Brazilian brunfelsia pauciflora, with its mauve, lavender and white sweet-smelling flowers, provides a perfect picture for the onlooker and lovely aroma for one… Continue Reading →

Organisations need hearts too

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, an eminent Russian novelist, historian and tireless critic of Communist Totalitarianism, Nobel Prize in Literature (1970), when delivering a Harvard Commencement Address in June 1978, referred to the calamity of a de-spiritualised and irreligious humanistic consciousness and noted:… Continue Reading →

Leading with character and competence

One of the more “revealing” experiences that I have had upon arriving in my mid-life years is that of realising that the 20/20 vision that I had as a younger man is not going to last forever – a visit… Continue Reading →

The leadership vacuum?

Dr Stephen R Covey passed away on Monday 16th July 2012, after suffering injuries in a cycling accident about 3 months prior  to his death. You may remember him as the author of the best-selling business book of all time… Continue Reading →

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