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Pointing out the way as a leader

I was told by my parents never to point my finger, particularly not at people. Pointing out a passing ship or a whale frolicking offshore was fine, but finger-pointing for me was limited to natural wonders and animals. As I… Continue Reading →

Saying “no” appropriately to achieve success

The human being has all but lost the capability to manage the preponderance of choice – this has been called “decision fatigue” by some. There are just so many options, be it in grocery shopping varieties to choose from, career… Continue Reading →

Tapping into your own potential

“I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I … I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”. Robert Frost So many… Continue Reading →

Your daily tasks may stand in the way of building a career

Having consulted with a number of firms, I have noticed, almost without exception, the frantic activity of senior and middle management as they scurry from meeting to meeting, prepare presentations, work on budgets, hoping to get the best deal for… Continue Reading →

Becoming a God’s advocate instead of a devil’s advocate

I recall very clearly a team’s behaviour in a large manufacturing company, the team largely been made up of engineers and operational/production experts – whenever an idea was introduced to the larger gathering, individuals would attempt to pick holes in… Continue Reading →

“Forgetting” what lies behind …

Life is full of “curved balls” – some of them surprising and pleasantly beneficial, but others testing and even painful, to say the least. Just when we think all is turning in our favour (“things are getting better now”), some… Continue Reading →

An unrelenting focus on disciplined execution

One of the most striking features of my interactions with companies all over the world is the lack of performance from many teams. Of course, some teams excel and do their respective organisations proud, constantly producing great results and moving… Continue Reading →

Exercising a disciplined “stop-doing” list

“To Do” lists are created as helpful reminders of what needs to be done, the stuff that is still outstanding and the activities that need our attention. They find their way on to refrigerator doors, pieces of paper that clutter… Continue Reading →

Constructing your road to success

One of the most frustrating problems we face in Africa is the lack of tangible investment or re-investment in infrastructure, particularly felt in the sub-standard network of roads and tracks that link its countries. In some countries, it is not… Continue Reading →

Intentionally planning a fulfilled future

I love flying – just as well, as I do a lot of it! When I was a boy, dreaming of wanting to become a pilot, one of my greatest memories was attending an air show, watching pilots go through… Continue Reading →

Making new goals stick

Many have made new year resolutions only to fail dismally in the implementation thereof.  Others make goals to improve a certain aspect of their lives, but are not successful in creating a platform for new habits to form and for… Continue Reading →

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