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Motivation germinates in a recognition environment

In West Africa, I was enjoying working with and facilitating a workshop for a group of managers from a media company – having rigorous discussions about the topic ‘leadership style’. Many contended that “in that part of the world”, the… Continue Reading →

Using dialogue as an effective component of your change strategy

“You support what you help create” (Alinda Nortje: Executive Chairperson, Free To Grow) In a world of increasing turbulence, including unpredictable financial and socio-political contexts, leaders are under pressure to transform their organisations towards achieving sustainable growth. This “transformation” may… Continue Reading →

Appreciation is the foundation of motivation

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, once said: “There are two things people want more than sex and money … recognition and praise”. Repeatedly, the one motivating factor that heads employee lists is appreciation for a job well… Continue Reading →

When did you last have coffee with your boss?

Having coffee alone at home in the morning or at work when you are focusing on a project is fine, but when did you last have coffee with your boss? I have asked this question many times when in front of… Continue Reading →

Engagement is the “golden thread” of empowerment

In the early 1980’s, plans were well underway within the Boeing “family” to build the Boeing 777. When they began to consider building the largest and most complex plane ever designed, Boeing developed a new set of values, which led… Continue Reading →

Making training “stick” with your staff

In my travels to a variety of organisations, both locally and abroad, I have been amazed at how much training actually takes root amongst management and staff in spite of mitigating circumstances – almost as if people in general actually… Continue Reading →

What to do when things go radically right – a lesson for leaders

There seems to be a tendency amongst most people to notice when things go wrong – we are very observant when it comes to mistakes that are made, being quick to point out the faults of others (doing what they… Continue Reading →

Great gifts to give …. always

I love December – the weather is warming up in the southern hemisphere; the year with all its hard work, problems and joys is winding down; family, wherever located, take on fresh significance; and secretly-held hopes and dreams for a… Continue Reading →

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