With an overriding passion to impact the quality of life amongst people living in Africa and elsewhere in the world, particularly in developing countries, Free To Grow (FTG) founder, Alinda Nortje, together with Riegert Nortje and Jonathan Mills, have launched the company, Free To Grow International, to brand Free To Grow products and services globally. Jonathan is the Managing Director of the company.

Jonathan has spent the past 25 years focusing his efforts on developing people throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. His passion for people, coupled with his desire to offer people hope, have led to him working with businesses, organisations and particularly governments in many countries, even resulting in a nation-building project for Madagascar. His vast networking experience and contacts worldwide will assist FTGI in growing the FTG footprint swiftly.

The tactile delivery approach and the depth of content of the Free To Grow materials provide an ideal platform to reach out to the human being. If the world is to change and if Free To Grow International is to play its part in facilitating that change, then FTG possesses the tools and processes to address attitudes and perceptions that feed behaviours and that will ultimately inspire sustainable change.

Free To Grow aims to bring healing, hope and capacity building to large numbers of people, organisations and communities, helping them realise their potential and live their purpose. We specialise in the development and facilitation of high quality, contextually relevant learning programmes that have sustainable impact.

Personal Growth & Well-Being

The programmes in this suite assist people in their journey of continuous improvement and proactive self-development. The objective is to help them focus their energy on being the best they can and increase the quality of their personal and work lives. Programmes in this suite, catering for different job levels from entry level to middle management are:

  • The EQ Edge
  • Free To Grow Lifeskills
  • Money Sense
  • StressWise and Thrive (personal mastery)

Relationship Building

Our suite of relationship building programmes increase respect, trust and understanding amongst people and develop the skills to openly and constructively communicate and increase collaboration.

The programmes in this suite consist of:

  • Team development: Team Growth
  • Programmes developing individual interpersonal effectiveness: Assertiveness @ Work, Managing Conflict and Relationships @ Work

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes create the mindset and provide leaders with the practical tools to be the change they want to see in their organisation. The programmes are aligned to Drotter’s Leadership Pipeline, developing the competencies required to operate effectively at each level.

  • Soar! – a 4-day programme aimed at assisting supervisors and first-line managers to make the transition from managing self to managing others
  • 4 C Leadership – a 4-day programme developing the mindset and skills in middle and senior managers to lead with vision and credibility, to effectively communicate vision and values, to create dialogue about what matters in and to the organisation, and to inspire, engage and influence intentionally.

Organisational Culture and Change

The challenge for most organisations is not devising a vision, values and strategy but to get its people on board. We assist organisations in this journey. We help people understand the bigger picture of what the organisation is about and how they can contribute, align their needs and values to that of the organisation and help give meaning and purpose to their work. Through this we strengthen a culture of partnership where employees become active players in co-creating the future of the organisation. We align our leadership and staff capacity building programmes to each organisation’s specific context to make a positive contribution in the following areas:

  • Change Management – Leading Change (for managers) and Changing Course (for staff).
  • Employee Engagement – 4 C Leadership (for managers) and Work Q (for staff).
  • Creating a Customer Service Culture – Setting The Tone (for managers), Coaching Towards Excellence (for supervisors) and Free To Care (for staff).